What is Acne?

Acne is very common. For most people it starts and ends in their teenage years. However for some patients acne can persist far longer and even start in some people in their 20s or 30s. Its severity can also vary significantly from a few spots and black or whiteheads to severe cysts, boils and severe scarring. Acne can therefore be very debilitating.

Treating Acne

Dr Ghura fully understands the great impact acne can have on a person’s life- from their confidence to their performance at work or school and on a person’s social and personal life.

Dr Ghura therefore always personalises a patient’s treatment and is expert in using the most effective treatments for acne at an early stage to minimise scarring and get a person’s life on track again. Dr Ghura is an expert specialist Consultant Dermatologist in Manchester with over 20 years of experience of seeing and treating patients to get the best outcomes for them. Dr Ghura always targets treatments for individual patients as each one is unique.

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When a patient sees Dr Ghura they will always get:

  • A detailed assessment and treatment plan from one of the leading Dermatologists in Manchester with years of experience and expertise
  • A treatment plan for acne targeted individually for them
  • An effective preventative strategy to minimise flare ups and treat acne early on