What are cysts?

Cysts are common innocent swellings on the surface of the skin that contain liquid or semi-solid material that is often cheesy in nature and can smell offensive.

What causes cysts?

Cysts develop in young and middle-aged adults. They are effectively blocked hair follicles and so are common on the scalp and face as well as the upper back where fine hairs are found. They are also common in acne. Pilar cysts are a type of cyst found on the scalp and can often run in families.

What problems do cysts cause?

Cysts can enlarge and become obvious to others and embarrassing for the person. Sometimes they get infected or discharge cheesy foul-smelling pus. Cysts can also get caught and become sore.

How will my cyst be diagnosed?

Dr Ghura is a Senior Consultant Dermatologist in Manchester with many years of experience of successfully treating patients. He will carefully examine your skin and make an assessment and diagnosis.

Can Dr Ghura treat cysts?

Yes – Dr Ghura is a Surgical Dermatology expert and removes large and difficult cysts regularly under local anaesthetic on the face as well as elsewhere on the body. He will discuss with you in detail how your cyst can best be treated personally by him.